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About Spiritwell

Hello and welcome, my name is Maddy 

and I am a fully qualified, 

therapeutic counsellor. 


Alongside my private practice, I am also employed 2 days a week as a counsellor, mental health worker and social prescriber, 

for a charity which has a contract with the NHS.


As part of this role, I work from GP practices seeing and supporting their patients 

presenting with mental health conditions.


So I work my private practice around 

my employment.

I also offer personal therapy to student counsellors,

wishing to have this as part of their training.


In my private practice, I work in a integrative, person centred and solution focussed way with my clients, meaning that the process is client led and focused on your needs and aspirations, supporting you to enhance your mental health and emotional wellbeing.


I would also say that I work in a holistic and somewhat spiritual way with my clients too and I am passionate about helping and supporting people.


I am also passionate about the counselling profession and about ensuring that people who feel they need help and support can receive it, which is why I try to keep my fees as reasonable and as fair as possible.


I understand life can take over sometimes, robbing us of time, space and energy and through this we tend to lose ourselves and neglect ourselves and our needs.


Counselling can help to create some time and space for you, a space for you to relax and have an outlet for your emotions.


A space where you can feel supported, feel calmer and can begin to understand yourself, your thought processes and your behaviours more fully.


It can help you to rebalance, realign and to rediscover yourself.


The client is at the heart of my therapy and the therapy is client led, this allows clients to focus on, talk through and explore how they are feeling in that moment and my role is to support my clients in doing this and to gently challenge and explore with them where they are at and how they are feeling.


I consider myself to be a guest in your world, sharing your experiences of your world and helping you to make sense of them.


I feel I work with my clients in a very relational way, bringing myself and my knowledge into the session, helping us to form a deep and collaborative therapeutic relationship.


I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to therapy, I believe in diversity and I believe in adapting how I work to meet my clients individual needs. 


I also understand that we all have very different beliefs, backgrounds, personalities and lives.


I work with clients who are experiencing many different issues, some of which include;


Low mood, anxiety and depression. A lack of confidence, low self-esteem, bereavement and relational issues. Stress, self-harm, intrusive thoughts, self-criticism and identity issues.


As a therapist, I am very flexible with how I work with my clients,   I believe the sessions are your sessions and it's your time         and we can tailor the therapy to suit you, your preferences 

and your interests.


If preferred, I can also work more creatively too, incorporating therapy cards, exercises, journaling, art and creative writing 

into the sessions.

Where appropriate with clients.


I am also experienced in incorporating mindfulness and meditation tools and techniques into my practice too.

Again, where appropriate with clients.


The one constant in life - Is change!


Change can be great, it can attract, open up and create new opportunities and experiences for us and from this we can develop, change and grow in ourselves.


In some ways, change gives us an opportunity to

discover ourselves.


However, change can also be daunting, challenging and exhausting at times, especially if it is unexpected and leads to feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious and out of control.


   On a personal note, I would say I am quite a spiritual person.                I am a believer in energy, the law of attraction                and I am reiki trained.


However, I appreciate that these areas won't interest everyone!


And I am experienced in working with clients to establish which tools, techniques and practices work best for them.


I always work with my clients in ways that they feel comfortable with and offer my clients a friendly, authentic and supportive space from which we can work together to overcome issues, challenges and fears.


Perception is everything!


Change your perception and outlook 

and your whole world can change!


I believe counselling can help you to gain a healthier, more positive and much more powerful perception and understanding of your life.


             I hope this information has been helpful to you                 and if you feel it resonates with you and sounds like what you  are looking for, then ​please do get in touch.


Lets shape your life how you would like it to be!


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