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               Counselling and Support


Things To Consider

  Before Starting Counselling


Please find some information below on things you may wish to consider, such as:  

The importance of feeling ready for counselling 

Having time to commit to counselling

My cancellation fees and policy


Feeling Ready for Counselling

           Counselling is experienced by most clients as a process and the length and depth of this process         does vary very much from client to client.

                       Being honest, this process isn’t always easy and can feel uncomfortable at times.                                         So although you will always be fully supported through this process it is important that you                         feel fully ready in yourself, to begin this process.




                            I think most clients would agree that counselling is definitely a commitment                                                                and in order to reap the full therapeutic benefits of therapy,                                             clients ideally need to be dedicated and committed to the counselling process and their sessions.

   So considering whether you realistically have time to fit appointments in, is really important.



Cancellation Fees and Policy

                                   I do completely appreciate that things can come up for clients                                     and that from time to time clients may need to rearrange an appointment.

                                  However, if an appointment needs to be rearranged or cancelled                                   I do ask for a minimum of 48 hours notice.


                        This is just to allow me some time to book another client in that may be waiting                      or to rearrange my day slightly.



due to the financial impact that last minute cancellations can have

I do have to charge the total amount for the appointment

If the full 48 hours notice hasn't been given.

This charge also applies to missed appointments.

Payments for cancellations and missed appointments

                                      would need to be made                                           

before another appointment could be booked.

Thank you very much for your understanding

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